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Why did you choose us?The ministry of agriculture fertilizer fixed-point production enterprise

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6Wan㎡Has its own production factory,No middlemen to earn price difference

Focus made fertilization、Pesticides、Fungicide、Research and development in the field of leaf fertilizer regulator,The preferred to increase production,The guarantee of a good harvest,Farmers the world in the dealer friends and the world。


Academy of agricultural sciences'+CCTVCooperation brand+Own patent technology

Cooperation:Crops research institute,Shanghai agriculture office to take the lead
Brand: CCTV-7Agricultural channel signed long-term strategic partner
The patent:Hundreds of its own patented technology,Continuous service of agriculture。

03Research and development
The scientific research

60Years of research and development production,The Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' cooperative enterprises

With technical personnel500More than one,Foreign mature technology、Imported advanced production equipment、Perfect detection means, Group product quality basis,Really high efficacy、Perfect balance of high effectiveness and low price。

04The team
After sales

30Eppo expert team

Into farmland:Eppo team regularly into farmland,Found the problem,Provide professional solution for you
Lifelong service:7*24Hours expert service team,Organize regular dealers and farmers,Live to solve your questions。
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The use effect of water soluble fertilizer on strawberry

The use effect of water soluble fertilizer on strawberry

Jiangsu area farmers planting strawberry,Using nongda water soluble fertilizer in North America,Take root more quickly take root,Looks like the swan,The results,The fruit...

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Citrus using nongda water soluble fertilizer in North America

Citrus using nongda water soluble fertilizer in North America

Customer planting citrus using nongda after water soluble fertilizer series of North America,The fruit trees grew strong,The results,The fruit weight,Yan...

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Pepper use water soluble fertilizer effect feedback

Pepper use water soluble fertilizer effect feedback

Dealers in sichuan pepper cultivation mainly Mr Zhang,After choose products contrast,Choose the nongda department of North America...

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The effect of traditional Chinese medicine using water soluble fertilizer

The effect of traditional Chinese medicine using water soluble fertilizer

Applied at the early stage of the Chinese herbal medicine seedling and growth in North America nongda promote rooting for a large number of elements in water soluble fertilizer,Can promote the Chinese traditional medicine...

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Do one hundred enterprises

Nongda group in North AmericaABOUT US

North American nongda focused on research and development of production water soluble fertilizer20Years,Now has58Eppo team,63Patent technology,Four square meters workshop,The water soluble fertilizer production and sales of a large number of elements,Foliar fertilizer,Bio-bacterial manure,Fertilization and imported water soluble fertilizer absorption rate is high,Water soluble,To win the user's consistent high praise!China merchants call:4000-114-156

Foliar fertilizer,FertilizationFoliar fertilizer,Fertilization
Foliar fertilizer,Fertilization

Eppo big classroom

How green Chinese onion fertilization,The correct application principle of green Chinese onion

How green Chinese onion fertilization,The correct application principle of green Chinese onion

Green Chinese onion is one of one of the most common vegetable in daily diet,In the big...【To check the details】

Promote strawberry flower bud differentiation of skills

Promote strawberry flower bud differentiation of skills

Strawberries grow in the process of flower bud differentiation is the first factor of production...【To check the details】

Frequently asked questions

The adr、The disease can't tell?After I read this you will understand

Crops due to improper use of pesticides of the adr,Suffer plant often appear spots、Yellowing、Deformities、Wither、...【For details+】

Chili boron deficiency can appear what symptom?(Method of prevention and cure)

Recently there are farmers reaction pepper plant drooping head、At the top3To4Leaves shrivel、Thickening,There is yellow patches...【For details+】

Pumpkin how fertilizer to increase production?The fertilizer point of pumpkin

Although the pumpkin fertilizer requirement is larger,But we are in the process of cultivation,Can't blind fertilization,Must be reasonable collocation of fertilizer use...【For details+】

Why not replace potassium dihydrogen phosphate?The potassium dihydrogen phosphate

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate has significant mass production、Resistance to lodging、Resistant to insect pests、The prevention and treatment of premature aging, and so on,And has overcome the crops...【For details+】

How the boron fertilizer application?Boron fertilizer use what are the pitfalls?

Boron fertilizer is often in the process of crop growth needs the external use of fertilizers,Boron has what effect on crop growth and development?What kind of soil...【For details+】

Why somebody else cucumber quality and high yield?Were selected the fertilizer

In the countryside,Cucumber cultivation is a very, very common。We all know,The cucumber cultivation of high yield and fertilizer use。And want to...【For details+】

Greenhouse vegetables should be how to fertilize?What is a good fat?

For vegetable farmers,Whatever planting want high yield production,Only high yield,To make themselves more economy...【For details+】

Home grown vegetables fertilizing should be grow well?

A wide range of vegetable fertilizer used in fact,Actually, itself contains a lot of kinds of fertilizer in the soil,Just like people need protein...【For details+】

How fertilization can prevent cabbage not package?

Chinese cabbage is not package,The main reason is that the temperature is low,Much rain,Resulting in the loss of soil moisture,Various diseases endangering cabbage...【For details+】

Strawberry what foliar fertilizer increased the red coloring faster not rotten fruit?

Recently,A lot of fruit,Trellis strawberry increased year after year,The strawberry yield increase,Quality is worse and worse。Strawberries...【For details+】