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Engineering cases
  • 1、Group companies,Strong,Has the fixed asset1.5Hundred million,Annual output value2One hundred million yuan
  • 2、Seventeen years of electricity transmission &transformation facilities of the specialty is engaged in the construction,Electrical equipment production and sales;
  • 3、Production equipment189Taiwan(Sets),Test equipment76Taiwan(Sets);
  • 4、With industry demand in all kinds of qualifications,The certificate、Certification;
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Company profile
  The company is located in“Artificial tianhe”The red flag canal side,In the east of Beijing Hong Kong and Macao and beijing-guangzhou high-speed rail at a high speed,South high-speed and Lin。The main electricity transmission &transformation facilities construction、The test,Electrical equipment for the production、Sales。2016At the end of the year,Total assets of the enterprise2.03One hundred million yuan,Operating income1.58One hundred million yuan。The worker is nearly300Many people,High Levels of economic and technical personnel60More than one:80%Employees hold job certificates,With production equipment189Taiwan(Sets),Test equipment76Taiwan(Sets)。The annual output value2.94One hundred million yuan,Accounts for the year target105%,Year-on-year growth28.9%;Operating income1.074One hundred million yuan,Year-on-year growth10.7%;Revenue realized589.51Ten thousand yuan,Year-on-year growth79.7%;Profits276.88Ten thousand yuan,Year-on-year growth33.54%。  The company offers9A business management department office,The office、The finance department、The audit department、The engineering department、Quality department、Supplies department、Design department...