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Depending on the degree of acid
Tora Sammy
Salomon kalou amine
M the PuLun hydrochloride
Plug the parlour hydrochloride
Quetiapine fumarate salt
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Zhejiang dongdong pharmaceutical co., LTD

Zhejiang dongdong pharmaceutical co., LTDIs engaged in pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates in the production and export manufacturers。The company covers an area of25000 m3,The construction area10000 m3,Existing fixed assets5000Ten thousand yuan,Total assets10000Ten thousand yuan,Production equipment and testing facilities。Our existing staff150People,Accounts for professional and technical personnel among them36%。

The company has passedISO9001:2001International quality system certification,There are several products are declaredFDACertification andCOSCertification。To follow“The customer is supreme,An exact specification,Development and innovation”The quality policy,Companies constantly intensify into high and new technology,Conformity to obtain more economic benefits and growth,Company specialized in Shanghai zhangjiang hi-tech park is equipped with independent research and development center。

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The ground The address:China.Zhejiang.The coastal town of chemical area along the river
Mail Make up:317022
Contacts:Mr Ye
The electricity Words: +86-576-85698929
Pass The true: +86-576-85993796
The letter Box: info@kuomobile.cn   jim@canova.com.cn
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