Announcements: My company to undertake peptide series products developed
Xuzhou Henderson life science and technology co., LTD
 Xuzhou Henderson life science and technology co., LTD., registered in xuzhou economic development zone, the revitalization of the road56Number,Cover an area of an area1.8Million square meters,The registered capital1720Ten thousand yuan。Corporation is a biotechnology research and development of science and technology、Production、Trade-based company。The company mainly produces strains、And use of soybean and agricultural biotechnology、Medicine edible products deep processing,Production of nutrition care、Functional food,To improve agricultural product added value and high-tech biotechnology company of life science。。。。
The enterprise culture:Yesterday、It is today、Tomorrow is the result of a collective Creation,Adhering to the discipline of science and technology for this...
Service commitments:In the shortest time、The fastest speed, Provide the most efficient service。
The name of the company:Xuzhou Henderson life science and technology co., LTD The phone:0516-80111108 The Address:The revitalization of road of xuzhou economic and technological development zone56Number   Web siteIDCFor the record:SueICPTo prepare11000711Number-1